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My name is Max and I'm the main guy behind this music project named Colosso.
This project has been my passion since January 2011, back when I started writing it's first album "Abrasive Peace", up until today!
I've had a band supporting this project from 2013 to 2017, and currently I'm back as a solo artist with many guests on several roles, but mainly on drums.
Since writing songs is my passion, and it's somewhat of a lonely activity, I'd like to invite you to the "backstage" of Colosso, where you'll have access to everything I'm doing and everything I've done, including all past and future releases, as well as some of my demos... and of course, heavy discounts on physical items!
I truly and deeply appreciate you supporting me in this or in any other way possible.
All proceeds are always directed to new releases.

All the best!

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Porto, Portugal
Colosso is a Death Metal project from Portugal.

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